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What is Infraeasy?

Infraeasy is a Project Based ERP solution which is specially designed to meet specific requirements of Infrastructure, construction and real estate companies. Infraeasy is a solution which is developed to meet the unique needs of the ASIAN Infra-construction industry.

What is a Project Based Solution (PBS)?

To be considered a PBS system, a software package must be able to link and manage details via a unique project reference and be managed within a project plan, including:
  • Resources (people, equipment, facilities, materials and cash)
  • Product information
  • Customer details
  • Supplier details
  • Time.

Please click on following link to know more about Project based solutions:

The Forrester wave by R. Ray Wang

How it is useful to Real estate, Construction and Infrastructure business?

The profitability of construction activity is dependent on, material, machinery, time and labor. Only the optimum utilization and management of these shall give the profitability. Added to this are activities happening at different project locations across a vast geographical canvas which makes it a very cumbersome task to manage all these activities. Infra-Easy is a Project Based Solution i.e., a PBS system which can link and manage details via a unique project reference and also be managed within a project plan.

Infra Easy provides enterprises with a critical and unique offering
  • Delivers visibility into how the entire project portfolio is performing
  • Optimizes scarce resources
  • Builds efficient, repeatable processes
  • Tackles high-volume resource demand or complex project management issues
  • Supports versatility and agility within the organization

Who all can use Infraeasy?

Companies from construction sector who deals with various projects like Roads and Transportation, Irrigation, Flyovers and Bridges Power transmission, Water works, SewageSystems, Gas Pipeline and Companies in Real Estate Sector who deals with projects like Development of Residential, Commercial and Industrial Buildings, SEZs, IT Parks, Hospitals, Hotels, Malls and Multiplexes, Educational Institutions and others.

Is Infraeasy configurable or it is suitable for only large enterprises?

Yes, Infraeasy is configurable and it is suitable for enterprises ranging from small to large.

What does Thrinaina Informatics Ltd. do?

       Our approach to products and services is that they should be powerful, affordable and simple they should provide the highest value and this is achieved through our Research,Development and Implementation. We have successfully implemented more than 150 ERP software’s in different business verticals. We believe in long term relationship with our clients that is the reason most our businesses come from our existing clients and their references.

Is Infraeasy a scalable solution to add additional users, projects and

locations in future?

Yes Infraeasy is a scalable solution it supports all kind of addition of new users, projects and locations and they are integrated with existing systems.

Do you provide in house implementation and training?

Yes we have a complete team of IT professionals who are involved in development, implementation and training of our ERP products. This is an advantage for our clients as they don’t need to go anywhere for any kind of problem related to ERP solutions.

What is the time required to get started with Infraeasy?

Infraeasy is a ready to use solution and it takes 3 to 6 months of time to Go Live. Time taken to Go Live also varies upon customization needed and it can exceed from normal time frame as per clients requirement.

 What are benefits and advantage of Infraeasy?

Following are the benefits and advantage of Infraeasy:
  • Comprehensive Integrated Solution covering every facet of Indian Infra Industry.
  • Web-based software for anytime/anywhere access.
  • An IBM ISV Solution ….built on IBM technologies.
  • Readily available tools for BI/DSS.
  • Bottom up approach and last-mile data capture for reliable data.
  • Integrates role based security features.
  • Interfaces and Integrates with existing IT Environment.
  • Interoperable, Platform Independent Architecture.
  • Remote data Management/Audit.
  • Rewarding ROI with short cycles.

What is so unique about Infraeasy?

Infraeasy is a project based solution which is specially designed to satisfy unique needs of infrastructure and construction companies. Infraeasy is a complete package which in total provides value addition to organization but it is Project management and contract management modules which makes Infraeasy different from other service providers. Infraeasy provides value for money and it rewards ROI with short cycles.

How Infraeasy is useful in critical decision making?

Currently, different departments in C&R industry main data in different sources by using different files i.e. in silos. For example the accounts department is maintaining a software package like tally, and other departments are using excel sheets and not linked to accounting software and all the times, much of this data available in site offices which is not connected to head office.

Whenever there is a demand of any data or reports, all the departments have to dig out the information, and consolidate it in to report. All these process of collecting data from different departments and consolidating it to reports done manually today. This lengthy manual process is badly affecting the decision making process. Infraeasy takes centralized approach to manage data aggregation and disseminate timely information whenever, wherever, whomever required in the business thus ensuring better decision making.

How Infraeasy is different from SAP, Oracle and MS Dynamics?

SAP, Oracle and MS Dynamics are generic software’s which can be used for any kind of business whereas Infraeasy is specially designed Non generic software for Infrastructure and construction industry. Infraeasy has following advantage over Generic ERPs.

Non Generic ERP:

Infraeasy is a non generic ERP which has been developed to address the complexities and intricacies of Infra-construction industry. More than 75 man years has been deployed to develop a non generic solution with the help of highly experienced domain consultants.

Less Time required to Go Live:

Infraeasy is ready to use solution and it takes 3-6 months of time whereas generic ERP takes 1 year to 2 years.

Hiring segment specific consultant:

Companies need to hire special consultants which lead to extra cost for companies whereas there is no need to hire special consultant to implement Infraeasy, complete work is done by in-house team.

How Infraeasy is different from other regional and local companies?

Infraeasy is very strong in domain knowledge of various segments in which it operates which helps us to understand client’s requirements easily and provide them the best solutions. We have track record of 100% successful ERP implementation which makes us different from other regional and local ERP service providers.

What is the real cost of ownership?

There are various costs of owning an ERP solution for an organization which includes tangible as well as intangible costs. Organizations should look for various costs associated with ERP solutions to select best vendor from a list of vendors. There are different costs which should be taken into consideration.
  • Cost of Software.
  • Cost of Customization.
  • Cost of Training.
  • Cost of Hardware’s.
  • Cost of Middleware.
  • Up Gradation Cost.
  • Maintenance Cost.
  • Implementation Cycles.
  • Manpower Cost.
  • Opportunity Cost.
  • Efficiency Of Migration.
  • Return On Investment.

When ROI on Infraeasy start coming in?

Infraeasy has minimum real cost of ownership (mentioned in Q: 14) and it provide maximum value to Infrastructure and construction companies by virtue of its expertise into domain knowledge of Infrastructure and construction industry. ROI on Infraeasy start coming in 2-3 times faster than any other generic ERP solution service provider.

Do Infraeasy set standards for P/E funding and company listings?

Yes Infraeasy create visibility, transparency by virtue of its capability to capture last mile data capture and critical report generation for every facet of business.

What if Thrinaina Informatics closes its operation in next few years?

Who will take care of its customers?

Thrinaina Informatics ltd is more than 20 years old company; it is our commitment for customer service and excellence who has helped us to become one of the experienced and best players in the industry. Thrinaina is more than a company; it is an organization which was formed two decades back to serve people, companies and communities. At Thrinaina, we pledge to provide distinctive quality and unparalleled customer service as we strive to gain the respect and trust of our customers, suppliers and partner vendors. We have served thousands of clients in a span of 20 years and most of them have come back to us again for their IT needs. This was only possible because of the trust we build with our clients.

What are your successful implementations?

We have successfully implemented Infraeasy in VENSAR Constructions, Vashistha Constructions, Sarla projects ltd. Overall we have successfully implemented more than 150 ERP solutions across the country.

What if technology will change in future, would Infraeasy also migrate

to new technology?

Thrinaina informatics Ltd. is about insight and innovation, we continuously strive for excellence and that is the reason we are best segment specific ERP solution provider in industry. Yes, we will support to newer technology in future.
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