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  • Project and Job costing makes the estimating, tracking, costing, and billing of projects easy and manageable-simplifying cost control and planning
  • Dashboard with active projects progress snapshot
  • Data export from application reports to desired output file formats like MS office documents, PDF etc
  • Document Management(Attach as many reference documents as you can against a transaction)
  • Financial data integrated with Payroll, Inventory, Purchase, Sales and Contract and other Management modules.
  • Integration with other ERP packages, other applications such as legacy systems and e-portals
  • Easy Integration with electronic Quality Instruments, Weighbridges and Barcode Printers & Scanners
  • Alerts & notifications via pop-up / SMS / e-mail
  • Remote audit facility
  • Configurable tax groups for different types of purchases and sales with relevant tax authorities
  • Item-wise tax rates maintenance for purchases and sales respectively
  • National Accounting facilitates to limit the amount of debit or credit extends to vendor’s / customer’s Company in one step.
  • Transactions entry in any currency the company uses.
  • View account balances and print key analysis reports in both vendors /customers source currency and functional (home) currency.
  • Apply cash to invoices in any currency and recognize exchange gains and losses at the same time as invoice settlement.
  • Calculate unrealized gains and losses for open transactions as exchange rates fluctuate.
  • Data maintenance in multiple companies, branches, financial years and Projects
  • Browser-based software (Thus eliminate software installation on desktop client systems) which enable users, the system independent seamlessly access
  • Anywhere, anytime access to critical decision-making reports like cash/funds flow, stock status, outstanding payables and receivables etc
  • Application users with assignment of security roles & rules
  • Hierarchical rule based data authorization
  • Concurrent user licensing for addition of user licenses as and when required
  • User-friendly interfaces with report-to-report and report-to-form drilldown functionality
  • Customizable user-wise toolbars for frequently used menu options
  • Unique form and report toolbars respectively for easy to learn/use by application users
  • Configurable application modules to fulfill business requirements / demands

Project Management - Planning

  • Live and historical projects data maintenance
  • Hierarchical work break-down structure for enhanced project planning
  • Multiple Quantitative activity standards in terms of material / labour / machine for project quantity budget estimates
  • Project-wise multiple rate sets for material / labour / machine to estimate Project over-all budget or milestone/target budgets
  • Cost, quantity and work variance statements w.r.t budgeted vs. actuals
  • Material, staff and machinery allocation to projects, thus respective costs loaded on projects
  • Project progress report
  • Project bidding and follow-up data maintenance
  • Project initiation and project cleanup activities

Project Management - Billing

  • Project bill of quantity (work order) with specifications data maintenance
  • Completed work inspection and certification data maintenance for project billing
  • Customer advances knock-off against bills and acknowledgement of payments from customer
  • Bill adjustments with the help of credit/debit notes
  • Work order amendments and cancellations
  • Extra work bills
  • Billed/Un-billed/Re-work statements
  • Performance bank guarantees maintenance and alerts to due bank guarantees

Contract Management - Labour

  • Contractor registration for labour contracts
  • Periodic labour Rate Contract with labour contractors
  • labour attendance and work done data authorization and invoicing against labour contracts
  • Contractor advances, payments and settlements against labour contracts
  • Outstanding invoices statements

Contract Management - Work

  • Contractor registration for working activities
  • Work Rate Contract with or without supply of material with contractors
  • Work contract against material issues for tracking of issues quantities
  • work capture and authorization work quantity for invoicing against work orders
  • Contractor advances, payments and settlements against work orders
  • Outstanding invoices statements
  • Quantity due-drawn variance statements

Contract Management - Machine

  • Hire machinery vendors registration
  • Multiple hire conditions like hourly, daily, trip etc., for hire rate contracts with vendors
  • contract against diesel and other material issues for tracking of issues quantities
  • Shift-wise and Machine-wise work capture for working/break down/ idle / forced idle/ transit hours with worked activities and authorized hours consideration for invoicing against hire rate contract
  • Vendor advances, payments and settlements against hire rate contract
  • Outstanding invoices statements
  • Quantity due-drawn variance statements
  • Machine out-turn and Utilization statements

Inventory Management

  • Categorization of stock items for business / functional needs
  • Branch-wise item stocks maintenance in Stores and Lots
  • Item data maintenance with re-order quantity, re-order level(min quantity), Multiple units and Base Analysis values for each item respectively
  • Capture of stocking item transactions with multiple units
  • Configurable analysis specifications (quality parameters like Moisture etc) for items and slabs for rebate / premium calculations
  • Stock transactions like Branch Receipts/Receipt Returns, Branch Shipments / Shipment Returns, Issues (Consumption) / Issue Returns, Excess / Write-off Adjustments, Stock Transfers between internal stores, Conversions of stock to different packing items and converting an item to another items based on quality parameters etc.
  • Daily, monthly and yearly Stock Status Statement with detailed and summary option
  • Periodical Store, Lot and Item-wise Stock Statements
  • Multi-level Bill of Material

Purchase Management

  • Item and agent-wise purchase commissions configuration
  • Item-wise and expense-wise expenditure statements
  • Periodical purchase agents commission statements
  • Secret sampling system with barcode assigned to samples of raw material receipts
  • Purchase remittance preparation with reductions / premiums on item analysis specification like Moisture etc respectively
  • Pending purchase orders and receipts statements
  • Payables and Aged Payables Statements for creditors and purchase invoices
  • Daily, Monthly and Yearly Item-wise Purchase Statements and Average Rate Statements
  • Options for On-holding Purchase Invoices and Inactivation of Creditors
  • Complete or Partial Payments for Purchase invoices
  • Comprehensive Bid Evaluation statement

Sales Management

  • Item and agent-wise Sales commissions configuration
  • Item-wise and expense-wise sales expenditure statements
  • Periodical Sales agents commission statements
  • Pending sales orders and shipments statements
  • Receivables and Aged Receivables Statements for debtors and sales invoices
  • Daily, Monthly and Yearly Item-wise Sales statements and Average Rate Statements
  • Options for On-holding Sales Invoices and Inactivation of Debtors
  • Complete or Partial Receipts for Sales invoices

Maintenance Management

  • Machinery masters with log books
  • Maintenance of machinery operational troubles with causes and remedies respectively
  • Preventive maintenance schedules and alerts for Machinery maintenance dues
  • Auto updating of machine consumptions(Issue / Issue Return transactions of Inventory Control) to log books
  • Machine-wise job work sheets
  • Periodically Machine-wise revenue recognized and machine-wise P&L
  • Work activity-wise machine capabilities matrix maintenance for optimum utilization and allocation
  • Machine certification data maintenance like pollution, registration, insurance, road-tax etc., and configurable alerts to manager for renewal

Accounts Management

  • Maintenance of chart of General ledgers (Accounts) and Branch-wise subsidiary ledgers(Sub-Accounts)
  • Budget sets for accounts
  • Voucher data maintenance with Branch and voucher type–wise renumbering of voucher numbers
  • Daily financial statements like Cash Book, Bank Book, Day Book, Journal Register etc
  • Periodical consolidated and branch-wise financial statements like Account copy, Trail Balance, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash flow, Funds flow etc
  • Maintenance of cost centers to recognize expenditure / profitability respectively
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Fixed assets register with additions, sales, deletions and adjustments entries
  • Configurable fixed assets depreciation methods for monthly / yearly depreciation calculations
  • Statutory reports for Sales Tax, Service Tax, TDS etc

Payroll Management

  • Emoluments (Allowances and Deductions) master and Emoluments configuration like % on Basic, Fixed amount for all employees, Employee-wise fixed amount, PF and ESI calculation etc
  • Staff and worker masters and also monthly leaves and attendance data maintenance
  • Maintenance of Employee historical data like Increment, Promotion, Demotion, Retirement, Termination etc
  • Calculation of monthly salaries and wages
  • Overtime, Bonus and Arrears calculations
  • Periodical reports like Pay slip, Salary and Emolument Statements and Annual Emolument Statement etc
  • Statutory reports for Form-16, PF, ESI etc
  • Easy integration with Punching Machines, Bio-Metric devices etc
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